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July 1st, 2013, 10:58 pm

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Stella (Guest), July 3rd, 2013, 2:57 pm     Reply

Purely out of curiosity, where did you get ideas for the different aspects of magic? This seems very well thought-out, so I was just wondering if this something you devised more-or-less on your own, or were there major influences from books or movies?

AlmostAware, July 3rd, 2013, 5:38 pm     Reply

@Stella: Thank you. The magic system is something I at least tried to come up with on my own. In fact, coming up with the magic system is actually what drove me to put together the world, and started the process of making the comic.

I had been thinking about how all magic systems now seem to be element based (This was before I played Mage the Awakening), in one form or another, or the spells were fairly arbitrarily split (like in D&D). I wanted to put together a more sensible split... so I came up with this. 3 based on the important properties in physics, 3 based on important "metaphysical" properties that are really sort of required in fantasy.

Energy/Force/Current really came from my knowledge of physics. Those three are especially important for an electromagnet, where if you change any one of the three, the others cannot stay the same.

Mind/Body/Spirit are from wanting a similar cycle for more magicy magic. I don't know where all I have heard that in different contexts, but they make sense together. I debated for a while if I should really use the term "spirit", due to religious connotations... but it just makes the most sense for what I am doing.

I only started writing this iteration of the comic this year... I have been working on the magic system has in one form or another for about four. (Definitely a back-burner project at the time, due to school)

I was probably somewhat influenced by books and movies. The only one I can pull off the top of my head that I know was an influence was "The Saga of Recluce", though that was a different alternate magic system. (Law vs Chaos) I strongly suggest it as a book series, it was one of my favorites.

The later stages were probably influenced by Mage the Awakening, more from what I did NOT want possible than what I did. (Mind and spirit were coincidental)

I could probably go on about this for hours... so, if you have more questions, feel free to ask!

The next 6 extras are currently planned to be going through each of the 6 aspects and giving better descriptions for what is possible, as well as some more fluff for how others regard them. (I should note that they are all from the perspective of a powerful White Mage... he knows more about the other types of magic than most, but he doesn't know everything! Also, he may be biased. ;) )


On hiatus. Updating sporadically while the next arc is worked on.


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