Would you believe that over a thousand years ago, there was only a single moon? That man could cross the world in an instant? That users of the magic so commonly used today, were at best considered swindlers and cheats, and at worst were hunted nearly to extinction? That we ourselves had to hide our nature, in order merely to survive? That the race of man had spread so far that we had no corner of the globe left to ourselves? I could not say with certainty myself, but so the stories go. Even for our kind, a thousand years is long ago...
I do not know of any who remain.

It is the nature of man to fear that which he does not understand, and to destroy that which he fears. When the stars fell and the sky burned, it brought doom, death and despair to the masses... man and were alike. However, it somehow brought hope to a few. We, the outcasts and the feared, were welcomed by man for a time. When there was naught but hell on earth, any friendly face or helping hand was taken and trusted.
It was necessary.

The people perceived the end of days was coming. When stars fall to the earth, what can you do to save yourself? A few built great boats, powered by fire, and launched themselves to the sky. They tried to escape the world before it burned, hoping some other world would would exist for them to call home. Others tried to hide from the stars, digging into the caves and mines, hoping to escape the wrath of the sky. Others still, in a final effort, turned to the old magic, the learned magic, which they knew and trusted, and which is somehow lost to us. It was the last great act of mysticism of that form in recorded history... their secrets are all but lost to us. They bottled up fire and light, gathered from all over the earth. They took it, encased it in steel, and threw it to the stars.
The clash of flames and death burned the sky.

They say that the sky burned for years, that the fields turned to dust, and the cities to rubble. What once was a thriving civilization turned to little but ash, a shadow of its former self. If the Magi had not stepped up, and saved those they could, none of us would be here today.

It has been said that the council has always existed. Until the cataclysm, they had simply remained in the shadows, keeping the knowledge of their power to themselves. In that time, such power carried too much risk: too little knowledge of its true form, too much fear of its very existence. It is suspected there were other councils, and there may be other protected zones, but that is a story for another time.

With great effort, they brought as many people as they could, men and weres alike. They banded together, and enlisted the aid of every Attuned they could find, regardless of aspect. Magic as we know it, of the more inherent variety, has always been possible... most simply didn't know what they were capable of.

Red reached out the fires in the sky, and commanded they go out. She reached out to the world around, and took into herself the deathly energy of the old magics.

She bent the world to her will and made it safe.

Blue reached out into the storm and the winds, and commanded it be still. He reached out over the lake and called the clouds. Rain came at his call, cleansing the earth and the air of the death and the ash.

He bent the world to his will and made it clean.

Green reached out to the earth and the sea, searching for what little life remained. She reached out to the plants, to the animals, to the birds, to the fish. She gave them new life and healing.

She bent the world to her will and made it vibrant.

Black reached out to the cooling stars still falling, and made them collapse. He crushed them together, and formed the moons. He set them on their course so none must fear their wrath. He reached out to deep within the earth and stopped its quakes.

He bent the world to his will and made it stable.

White reached out to the people and gathered their support. She reached out to the weres and gathered their power. She reached out to the other Magi and gave them more. She gave them the capacity for each of their grand spells. She spread the cost among the people, so it would not be too much to bear.

She reached out to the world and made it possible.

Grey alone stood watch until it was done. He saw the horrors the people faced in the past few days. He saw their fears for the future. Their terror. Their regrets. Their will to survive fading, as they realized all they had lost.

He reached out to the world and made it forget.

Centuries have passed since that fateful day. Men have all but forgotten their fears of the world, but have remembered their fears of us. It is not their fault; it is simply their nature. Keep the truth secret, and you may walk among them. Show yourself, and you may be hunted. Remember our long alliance with the council. Remember when you feel hatred for our slow-witted brethren:

We owe them our lives.

-- Words of the Matriarch of the Weres


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